Penguinism and the Birth of the Universe

The following is a description of possible events that led up to the beginning of the current universe. It is a work of fiction. Please do not start a messed up secretive organization where people have to pay tons of money to join.

Universal date 10327A-7892.5: the universe had grown old and the stars were dying, but there were still a handful of thriving species. It had long been realized that even with the end of the universe, something would survive. Scientific investigation had found a sort of nexus point of the multiverse, what we today refer to as the eternal dishwasher, an admittedly poor translation of the original language.

However, TVNM, a warlord who had long cheated death through advanced technology, wished not only for his essence to survive, but for continued life. He kidnapped numerous scientists from the remaining species and forced them to do research on a way to survive through the death of the universe and the birth of the next one.

But one scientist, Sq’wak, feared that TVNM would continue his murderous tyranny in the next universe and while continuing the research, found a way to fight him. She was able to integrate her consciousness with the nexus itself, and in doing so, became able to watch over the multiverse. And though it was a difficult choice, an endless existence and unfathomable responsibility, Sq’wak completed her work, but not before one of the other scientists, G’ral, was forced to complete TVNM’s request and TVNM survived and it was in this new universe that he came to be known as YHWH…

For a more general overview of Penguinist mythology, read “The Basics of Penguinism” and to learn what happened next, read “YHWH’s New Empire.”

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