YHWH’s New Empire

In the year’s following YHWH’s arrival in our universe, as told in “Penguinism and the Birth of the Universe,” YHWH sought to establish his empire. But Sq’wak did everything in her power to prevent his total domination.

Luckily Sq’wak had an unlikely ally, who emerged shortly after YHWH’s emergence in our universe. You see, G’ral, who had been forced to finish the research for YHWH, was taken to our universe to continue working on other projects. YHWH also had become infatuated with G’ral and G’ral used that to his advantage. He eventually manged to sabotage a research project and escape.

After the betrayal by G’ral, YHWH decided to scorn all men. It is actually for this reason that he manipulated the words of the bible to oppose homosexuality. YHWH was jealous and angry at his ex lover. He took Leviticus, which only applied to the Israelites, and really had little to do with prohibiting homosexuality, and worked to change its interpretation, and the interpretation of many other religious ideas, so that people would come to oppose homosexual relationships.

After G’rel’s escape, he worked to help Sq’wak in any way that he could to defeat, or at least protect our universe against, YHWH, including the development of technology that would help the fight against YHWH. He also eventually found that a new species evolved on Earth. The species was very similar to his own. They are the polar bears.

As for YHWH, he worked to create various worlds in his image, within this universe. Of course, his war-like ways generally led to the rapid demise of such worlds. A few empires arose, but most burned shortly after reaching space, and it is for this reason that there are very few signs of intelligent life in the universe. Still, YHWH selected a few from the most promising worlds and constructed an empire. This empire sits in hiding, waiting for those unknowingly fall into their trap…

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