Penguinism and Christianity

Given the nature of YHWH, one might think that Penguinism must be in opposition to Christianity. However, the uncorrupted teachings of Jesus are fine.

We see a lot of conflict in what Jesus says. In some cases, he is incredibly loving and peaceful. In other cases, he is almost a tyrant. Based on the understanding of the true nature of YHWH, it is reasonable to think that perhaps a historical figure named Jesus existed, and that he provided a great deal of enlightenment to his followers, but following his death, his message was twisted by the lies of YHWH.

Therefore a Christian can keep the true word of Jesus in their heart. They can be respectful to others. They can love and care for others. They can avoid judging others. They can celebrate the life of Jesus. In these ways, people can be Christian, and not taken in by the evil ways of YHWH.

That means rejecting the belief that those who do not follow Jesus will be punished for all eternity. It means not judging others by their sex, gender, sexuality, and so on. It means respecting freedom, and giving aid to those in need when possible. And it means recognizing the importance of scientific theories, including cosmological theories and theories of evolution. So, Christianity can prosper and be free of YHWH. It will just take a great deal of healing.

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