The Lost Years of Jesus Chapter I

This story was told to me by, ǃErree, one of the few Binini to remain on Earth after the great catastrophe. It is the true(ish) story of Jesus, and his lost years, where he found out the truth of his cosmic heritage.

Psalm I

Many hundreds of thousands of years ago, when the Binini[1] home world was still at relative peace, there was a very wise and ancient philosopher-scientist, Etʃʼama. This great sage was able to piece together enough of the universe’s history to decipher Sq’wak’s warnings regarding YHWH.

In his studies, he also learned of the Eternal Dishwasher, and of course the nature of reincarnation. He wished to ensure that, should he ever be reincarnated, his future incarnation would be able to continue to his work in defending our universe against YHWH.

How many times Etʃʼama was reincarnated, no one knows, but it was roughly 2,000 years ago that !Erree came across one such reincarnation. In Luke 2:52 it is said that “Jesus advanced in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” Half of that is the truth(ish). Indeed, Jesus did advance in wisdom and stature.

For in his lost years, Jesus took many trips to the sea. And it is there that he met !Erree and was told of his spiritual heritage. But Jesus did not grow in favor with YHWH. No. For in these years, he grew closer to understanding Sq’wak and closer to understanding the importance of peace…

  1. The Binini are a dolphinid species, mentioned in the Penguinomicon.
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